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HongKong HongJin Electronics.Co.,Ltd was initially founded by a group of professional engineers and technicians who foresee the prospect of the mobile telecommunication industry in the early 2000s. With its years of manufacturing experience as well as its strong research and development ability, Hongjin has now become a professional developer, manufacturer, and distributor of mobile phone accessories. As a experienced manufacturer, we deeply believe that the major key to customer satisfaction is to offer products that are of superior quality. This has been driving us to commit ourselves to unfailing product quality. We ensure quality is our top priority in every facet of management and quality control is met in all processes of production. Furthermore, we also guarantee that customer satisfaction achieved through prompt delivery, excellent service, and competitive prices. Our China factory, equipped with some of the most advanced facilities, is located at Shenzhen only a few kilometers away from Hong Kong. This advantageous geographical location will help us to deliver our products worldwide in no time. Moreover, with more than a hundred skillful workers at our disposal, plus a team of highly-trained operators running our production lines, you can be assured that all your needs will be met.It is for reasons mentioned above that we hope to have the opportunity and the honor of serving your company in the very near future


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