Braintower SMS Gateway Rack Edition





General Product Information:

The automated sending of meaningful messages via HTTP API is what makes every Braintower SMS Gateway stand out. Thanks to the clearly designed web interface and address book function it is easier than ever before to send SMS to individual phone numbers or contacts. To secure your data transfer we use HTTPS as standard. At Braintower we believe that there is not just one solution. When it comes to the configuration of your SMS gateway you have all options right from the start: small desktop or 19 inch device? You decide which hardware solution suits your working environment best. A whole range of innovative software options contribute to making the gateway an even more powerful tool. Example applications: Sending text messages for security reasons; rather than e-mails or in addition to them One-time-passwords by text message from a password generator Monitoring critical systems, around the clock, 365 days a year Sending text messages to a selected group of people for communicating important information Reminding customers of appointments – at car dealerships, at doctors’ surgeries or for sending goods Ballots, surveys and competitions


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